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Temporarily Available Vines List

ALDELET (V53035) - white wine won high prize in Nova Scotia.

AGAWAM (Rogers 15) - Red, fruity wine, very late, large berries, mild muscat flavour.


ES 6-16-30 - well regarded white wine, early Sept, hardy to -34'F, low disease. Now called Adalmiina

ALPENGLOW (ES 2-8-1) - neutral blending white wine, low acid/low sugar, table grape, early.

AURORE (Seibel 5279) - French hybrid, white, strong flavour, late ripening.

BACO NOIR - good red wine, hardiness approx 24'C.

BEAUFORT - B Johnson hybrid, Ft Worth # 3 x open, early, black/blue, black currant flavour.

BEAUMONT - B Johnson hybrid, Headlite x open, lavender/pink, juice is clear for white wine.

BETA - L Suelter (v riparia x concord type) red/purple, hardy to zone 3, juice or jelly, med size berries.

BJ1 - B Johannessan hybrid, ES283 x open, blue, large loose clusters, very hardy.

BJ3 - B Johannessan hybrid, ES283 x open, early white, best in heavy soil, small clusters, very hardy.

BJ4 - B Johannessan hybrid, ES283 x open, blue mid season, best in light soil, very hardy.

BLUEBELL - Labrusca type table, hardy to -35F, ripens about Sept. 1st, juice, jelly, fresh market, not great until 4th year.

BRIANNA (ES 7-4-76) - dual purpose white with pineapple taste, hardy to -30'F, Mid-season.

BROCTON - Geneva hybrid, great blender, neutral wine, eating.

CANADICE (NY45-625) - Red seedless variety from Geneva in 1977, berries small on large bunch, vigorous, productive, hardy to -25'F.

CASTEL-19-637 red wine, hardy grape, ask for copy of article by Peter Hemstad.

CAYUGA WHITE - Geneva's white wine hybrid, good eating, early mid season.

CHONTAY - Hardier than Bluebell, labrusca spicy, fruity flavour, med size berries, rose wine. Email for winemaking details, -40F.

CLINTON - Labrusca x Riparia seedling from 1821 - strong grower, very hardy black, tender pulp, coarse wine.

CLICHE - Dr. Vandal's 84-14 (Chancellor x Aurora x riparia x Prince of Wales), early, mildew sensitive, hardy from -34' to -38'C.

CONCORD - medium hardy, juice/jam/jelly, sweet wine.

DE CHAUNAC (S9549) - High quality French hybrid, dry red wine, well balanced, with fruity quality.

DELISLE - Swenson hybrid ES 7-5-41, very hardy, rose coloured, excellent wine per Alain B, hard to root, plant closer than most, early.

DM 8521-1 - good red wine, early, very hardy.

DM 8521-4 - -40'F hardy wine wine, high acid grape, mid Sept.

DM 95-16 - red wine, blending wine.

DUTCHESS - Old Hudson Valley variety, eat, med sweet, white table wine, low acid, little labrusca.

EDELWEISS ES-40 - Swenson hybrid (Minn 78 x Ont), white wine/dessert, eating, early, good size, hardy, slight foxy taste.

EONA - Hansen hybrid (Lady Wellington x Beta) wine, white pink tinge, productive, sweet, hardy to -35C, table wine.

ESPRIT (ES 4-22) - Swenson hybrid (Edelweiss x Villard Blanc) wine grape, good eating, late ripener, hardy about -30C, good wine, good eating.

ES 15-53 - used by ES for breeding, female.

ES 17-59 - favourite juice grape of ES, blue.

ES 2-3-17 - neutral blending white wine, very hardy.

ES 2-8-23 - good eating, correct number not known.

ES 4-1-7 - Swenson hybrid, white, large cluster, ES 56 x S11803, productive, female.

ES 4-7-25 - pink grape, white wine, hardy.

ES 4-9-12 - blue, hardy to -35'F, neutral red wine, little disease.

ES 5-17 - Swenson hybrid, ripens one week before St. Croix, good red wine.

ES 5-4-16 AKA JUKKA - red wine, disease resistant hardy to -30'F, big clusters.

ES 5-4-18 - early, vigorous, 30'F, med. large berries, neutral white wine, good table grape.

ES 5-4-71 - top white wine of 17 varieties in its class, -40'F, disease free.

ES 56 - very early, sweet, juicy eating, blue.

ES 6-12-28 - (ES 5-14 x open) white grape.

ES 6-15-18 - low acid, white wine with candy flavour, med tender, high quality fruit.

ES 6-17-37 - white productive, early, good eating.

ES 8-2-10 - Blue, female, good size clusters & berries.

ES 8-2-24 - berries medium, high sugar, clean flavour, blue.

ES 9-5-26 - white fruited sister of ES 9-5-32.

ES 9-5-32 - about -37'C, fruity flavour, blue.

ES 10-18-28 - (grand pts Cab Sav & Chard), s/b grafted for production, white.

ES 10-18-30 - (gr pts & grafting as above), white wine, early, very hardy.

ES 10-18-50 - (gr pts as above), blue.

ES 12-6-18 - gets Anthracnose in Minn., dense red wine, s/b grown in dry area, graft for vigour.

ES 12-9-96 - white wine, low acid, good disease resistant, hardy to -30'F.

FREDONIA - Blue labrusca, eating, jam, wine. I feel Steuben is hardier and gives better crop.

FRONTENAC - (Minn 1047) excellent red wine, needs late ripening, to reduce acid, 35'F or lower.

FRONTENAC GRIS - (sport of Frontenac) Excellent white wine.

GB 1 - (Valiant x Severenji) red wine, very hardy.

GM 318 - Geisenheim hybrid, small grapes, (Chancellor x Riesling), early, powdery mildew sensitive.

GR 7 - blending red wine, hardy near -31'C, early bud break, mid season, prior called Abundance and Rubiana.

HIBERNAL (GM 322) - Riesling type, late, med spiced fruit.

HIMROD - Early seedless white, Geneva hybrid, table grape, moderately hardy and productive, tender, about -25C.

ISABELLA - deep red labrusca, widely used in Europe for home wine, many synonyms.

JOHN VIOLA - From Prof Meader, riparia x labrusca, hardy Valiant flavour but more foxy, productive, hardy to -30C, eating, jam/jelly/juice.

KANDIYOHI ES 414 - good eating, sister of Swenson Red, large sweet blue berries, very hardy.

KAY GRAY ES1-63 - white wine, very productive, eating, medium berries, very hardy.

KEE WAH DIN - red wine, prune to long canes, plant 10 ' apart, very hardy.

KING OF THE NORTH - Hardy to -40F, hardier than Bluebell, great juice and table grape, labrusca type sweet wine.

L'ACADIE BLANC (V53261) - White vine, Nova Scotia wineries use this variety (Cascade x SV14-287), does best in Maritimes.

LACROSSE (ES294) - Swenson hybrid, white table wine, Seyval parent, hardy, med size.

LAKEMONT - Geneva hybrid, early white seedless, cluster thinning advisable, tender.

LANDAL 244 - Deep red wine, hardy to -25F, blends well with Landot Noir 4511.

LANDOT NOIR 4511 - Deep red wine, hardy to about -20F, excellent growing.

LORALEI (ES 5-4-29) - white, eating, about -35'F, some muscat flavour, female.

LOUISE SWENSON (ES 4-8-33) - excellent white wine, little injury at -40'C, moderate acid/vigour.

MANDAN([WILDER x N.D.] x RED AMBER) - used in crosses by E.S. & Pat Pierquet.

MANITOBA 37 - riparia, ripens early, decent size, ok eating, ES used in breeding.

MARECHAL FOCH - Kuhlmann hybrid, excellent red wine, hardy to about -25F.

MINNESOTA 78 - (Beta x Jessico), female plant, reddish-purple, eating, good red wine, ripens mid Oct, very hardy.

MICHURINETZ - V. amurensis cross, deep blue, small berries, gold award wine for Grand Pre winery.

MONTREAL BLUES (ES 6-4-47) - nearly seedless, about -30'C, neutral flavour, aka St. Theresa & Flambeau.

NY MUSCAT (NY 12997) - Geneva hybrid, good muscat wine, requires lighter soil. Used for Icewine in N.B. & N.S., hardy to about -25'C.

NIAGARA - White grape, labrusca character always there, fruity, flowery wine, eating, jam, juice.

OKANAGAN RIESLING - white wine grape (not German Riesling family).

ORTEGA - Muller-Thurgau x Siegerrebe, early-tender, white wine, slender/peau mince.

OSBU - Hansen hybrid, female, (Beta x Agawam), early, berry like sweet wine.

OSCEOLA MUSCAT - Muscat, pink wine, early Sept, hardy to -30. {Formerly known as ES 8-2-43}

PETIT AMI (DM8313-1) - Mario Muscat x ?), white wine.

PETIT JEWELL SEEDLESS (ES 3-20-36) - small red/pink, cane prune, exc flavour.

PRAIRIE STAR ES 3-24-7 - Good white table wine, hardy to -40, disease resistant, early mid season.

PRK 13-32 - White wine, more balanced than Kay Gray, large berries, very hardy.

RELIANCE - Hardy, red, seedless table grape, Ontario x suffolk red, very hardy to about -25F, spur prune.

SABREVOIS (ES 2-1-9) - Hardy, good red wine, 35'C or lower, mid season, long cane prune.

SEIBEL 10878 red wine, good eating, slow grower.

SEVERNJI - Polish (some say Russian) Amurensis hybrid, female, very juicy, wine, jam, juice.

SEYVAL BLANC (SV 5276)- white, fine quality wine, cluster thin, approx -25C.

SOMERSET SEEDLESS ES 12-7-98) good flavour, small berries, medium cluster, approx -30'C.

ST. CROIX ES 2-3-21 - Sweet blue grape, wine/dessert, good eating, mid season, compact bunches, hardy to -35F+ when winter protected, much less in bare soil.

ST. PEPIN - Swenson hybrid (ES 114 x Seyval), German style white wine. Female, great juice. hardy to approx -26 C.

STEUBEN - Geneva hybrid (Wayne x Sheridan), blue, spicy wine, jam, eating (much better than Concord), vigorous.

SUFFOLK RED (NY 21572)- Geneva hybrid, red, seedless, bunches are loose, hardy here in zone 4B, hardy to about -25'C.

SWENSON RED (ES 349) - Large red clingskin, good texture, low acid table grape, hardy approx -30C.

SWENSON WHITE - neutral blending wine, good table grape, -25'C, long canes.

TANGO (ES 7-2-24) - citrusey taste, med berry/cluster, approx -30'C.

TROLLHAUGEN SEEDLESS (ES 3-22-18) - blue, small berries, similar to CONCORD.

TROUBADOR - dark red wine, mellow tannin, -40'F, small berry, vigorous, good Port.

V 50082 - (Alden x Romulus) blue seedless, good quality, good sized berries, loose bunches, hardy to approx -20'C.

V 64023 - (Alden x Himrod) white seedless, late season, large firm berries, hardy to approx -25'C.

V 64033 - Female plant, beta x ??, late mid season, white wine.

V 64237 - White wine, mid season, hardy to approx -28'C.

V 65163 - (Seneca x NY 45-910), early red seedless, berries small and soft, could be roadside dessert variety - good for jams & pies - no seeds.

V 65403 - (Ventura x 50201) Moderately hardy.

V 71121 - (JS23-416 x V63261), true orange berries, delightful taste, tender.

V 71141 - (De Chaunac x JS23-416), white wine, medium size, good eating.

V 80014 - Red wine, mid season, hardy to approx -28'C.

VALIANT - R. Peterson breeder (Fredonia x Riparia), dark blue, hardy to -40F, excellent jelly/juice, good wine.

VANESSA (V65164) - (Seneca x NY45-910), red seedless, ripening very early, good winter hardiness, firm flesh.

VEEBLANC (V53263) - (Cascade x SV 14287), excellent white table wine, good size bunches and berries, good winter hardiness.

VINCENT (V 49431) - (V 370628 x Chelois), well balanced dry red (almost black) table wine.

VINTINTO (V 65115) - Lomanto x Colobel, extremely deep colour table wine.

VIVANT - (V 63331) Light neutral table wine, varietal or blending, does not require thinning, moderately hardy.

WACHEPA - large amber-white berry, eating.

WORDEN - Concord seedling, larger berries, more compact clusters than Concord, good eating. A colleague uses this for Port Wine.

ALBION SERIES - I am unable to locate records of names/numbers and parentage of these Vineland hybrids.
..Albion 001 - pink, medium size berry, eating, light wine, mid season
..Albion 002 - vigorous grower, large berries, mid-season, white wine, pleasant eating
..Albion 003 - white wine, good eating, good size berries, between mid and late season, vigorous grower
..Albion 004 - large berries, late ripening, white wine
..Albion 005 - small berries, dry white wine, late ripening, strong taste
..Albion 006 - white wine

Varieties Available in Limited Quantities for a temporary period.

CANADICE red seedless, small berries, large bunches, hardy to approx -25 F

FRONTENAC GRIS , Excellent wine, very hardy

GM 311 Geisenheim hybrid, small grapes, early, PM sensitive

MARQUETTE hearty red wine, many medals won, University of Minnesota variety

MN 1094 University of Minnesota variety, Red, good tannins- see NFTN Nov 1996

MN 1177 University of Minnesota variety, Red, picked in Minn Oct 02 approx

SKOOKUM Summerland variety, green seedless, quite tender, vinifera flavour

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